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Moyosore Adegbite: Fashion!!!

My name is Moyosore and I love Fashion, I’m the Creative Director of Moadey.
Fashion is a mass trend. 

Fashion for any season is highly influenced by fashion designers. It is largely dictated by fashion designers, as they showcase their collections at fashion shows for the next season. 

The market then adopts the trends with high street and economy options.

Style is personal and customized. It highlights your best features, and declares your personal taste. 

The quirks of your personality too can be expressed through a personal style, like some people wearing only white or black, or a specific cut and style.

Even the fashion obsessed know that style is so much more than the season’s latest trends. It’s about an attitude, a way of life, and how you share your personal story with the world.

Moyosore Adegbite
Creative Director, Moadey Wears

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