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Adefolake: Natural Beauty

Listening to a speaker a few days ago and reflecting on natural beauty, he was talking about what we call disability is an unpopular type of ability; I could not have said it better.

I had being meaning to write an article on natural beauty but when I saw the video clip, he said everything I wanted to say. The speaker said, “when we take the scripture that speaks on us being fearfully and wonderfully made and we reduce it to physical beauty we make a big mistake and give a very prejudiced view of God”.

He went further to say that when we use that standard, we are indirectly saying the scripture does not apply to those born without hands and feet or those with what we classify as “deformity”.

When every promise in the Bible is for everyone. It has nothing to do with that and the beauty referred to is that which is on the inside. Your physical construct has nothing to do with what is inside.

This made me want to look inwardly and search to see how beautiful I am. How beautiful are you?

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