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Adefolake: Home Spa Treatments

I saw a few comments from my Bellanaija article, Listen! Going To The Spa is Not a Luxury, it’s a Necessity , people were saying what of them that do not have money for a spa treatment, so I decided to do another one for Home Spa Treatments. For myself, I recently changed environment and have not been able to locate a good spa so I resolved to doing my spa treatments at home. We also have people that cannot understand why other people have to  touch them, so this also addresses that.

My husband enjoys my Swedish back massage as well as my full body massage, from time to time we also do facials as well. So there are two major steps to enjoy home spa treatments.

  1. Buy the Products: For the massages, I use O’Rmeas , which is 100% natural made up of Lavender + Peppermint Massage Oil. The massage oil is used for warming, relaxing, joint pain massage. I got the Oil for £13.99. For facials, there are different mask or facial procedures like I mentioned in my previous article My New Facial Routine that can be used or just buy a facial mask and use as shown in the directions.
  2. Follow the manual: Use videos from YouTube or articles online to learn how to apply the products. Better still, read the manual and depending on what the purpose is, use appropriately. For example, the massage oil is to be dispensed on the palms, gently rubbed between palms to warm the oil and massage oil onto sore muscles until absorbed.

Try it out and give me your feedback.


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