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Adefolake: Designer Products or not?

I am very much aware that talking on designer products is a sensitive topic and I will try as much as possible to sit on the fence…lol. So many of my friends, even one of my brothers is definitely an advocate for spending money to get good designers and I perfectly understand that.

However, I also have friends that do not believe so much in splashing huge sums of money to wear or use products termed as “designers”. The first question for me will be, what exactly is designers? So we can squash this beef once and for all.

The term designer is used to refer to a person known for making exclusive products such as gadgets, vehicles, home-wares, accessories, clothes, footwear, appliances for consumers.

There are different types of designers such as Graphic designers, fashion designers, interior designers, web designers etc.

A few fashion designer names we are familiar with are Karl Lagerfield, Hubert De Givenchy, Tom Ford, Vera Wang, Giorgio Armani, Coco Chanel, Mai Atafo, Lanre Da Silva and the likes. so let’s break the ice…

Anyone who makes original pieces of any type of product is a Designer! That is the conclusion of this matter. However, for those that like the popular designers, they prefer to wear or use products of these designers for several reasons.

Some because they see the designers as role models, some because they like the prints and the designs they use, while some just want to show off…which is perfectly okay.

I particularly love Vera Wang because of her dull and monotonous pieces. I know that sounds like an insult but a huge fan of her work will understand it is a compliment.

Back to the subject! Believe me I love “designer products””, I do. But it is imperative that the true lovers of designers understand that every designer whether famous or not is a designer.

It just depends on what each and everyone of us prefers. Which brings me to ask why some people wear the fake of these designers.

I know some people have fallen victims of it without knowing but there are also some that walk into a store knowing fully well that it is fake but still go ahead to buy it.

I guess this is something I will never understand, if you like a particular designer and cannot afford it, why not look for a similar designer that is affordable and wear or use that.

My Opinion

This brings me back to the topic which is a question, designers or not? My brother and I went shopping in York Designer Outlet in UK (obviously my brother dragged me there) and it was fun, shopped for a few things.

When I got back home and opened all the shopping bags to take a second look, I felt happy and satisfied because I got what I wanted not because they were designers but because they fit into what I wanted to buy.

Which should be the healthy way of shopping in my opinion. Do not buy what you do not like or does not suit your style because it is from a prominent designer.

I see people at events and they wear all sorts because they want all their designer products to be on display without making sure it actually fits into the theme of the event.


  1. Everyone that makes original products is a designer.
  2. Instead of wearing fake of that particular designer, go for a more affordable designer that fits into your style.
  3. Go for what you need not what you want.
  4. Quality over quantity when you can afford it
  5. Don’t break the bank
  6. Most Importantly, all the designers with names were once nameless.


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