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Adefolake: Edge Control: How to get rid of the white particles

I am not one of those ladies that uses edge control everyday. I only use it when I have a ponytail on, which is once or twice a year.

My Gele: Headgear

Last December because I had my grandma’s burial party and a two-week training a few days apart, I decided to make a ponytail so that my gele (headgear) would stay well as well as ease during my training.

So I got Edge control for my front hair and I applied it on the first day of my training. A National Television station was coming and I wanted to look my best in case I was interviewed.

Well…the only problem was the front of my hair was white. Like I had dandruff, a friend helped me comb it out and it only made it look worse. I felt uncomfortable, especially when the TV station arrived. Secretly hoping they did not interview me. 

Worked like magic

Thankfully, the interview happened two days later when I had found out how to avoid one’s hair from turning white after applying edge control.

So a hair expert told me that I should apply water on the edges of my hair before applying the edge control and it worked like magic. I was so happy that….

1) I did not waste money on the edge control I bought

2)My edges were so sleek…lol

Anyways, now you know!

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