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My birthday is in a couple of weeks, July to be precise in case you were considering getting me Bitc
I saw a few comments from my Bellanaija article, Listen! Going To The Spa is Not a Luxury, it’s a
Oh my! We have been doing it wrong and I am here to tell you how to clean your makeup the right way.
Regular readers of this website would know that I have suffered from blackheads, pimples and a lot o
  It is agreeable that hair extensions are one of the greatest inventions ever, but taking good
I was not going to write an article about this but when I had a rethink about my journey and remembe
For a topic so dear to my heart, I am lost on where to start because I have so much I want to say bu
    “For the spirit of God does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self dis
Listening to a speaker a few days ago and reflecting on natural beauty, he was talking about what we
I am very much aware that talking on designer products is a sensitive topic and I will try as much a
What Honey did to my Face, when I started my weight loss plan, it was going well until I noticed I s
Growing up, my mum always shopped from the best of places she could afford because she wanted us to
The word “Barefaced” can be defined as “With no effort to conceal”. There wa
Writing on WHEN NOT TO USE MAKEUP may be surprising because I make a living making women beautiful w
When Less is more,  often times I am torn between wearing a number of things to enhance a particula
My name is Moyosore and I love Fashion, I’m the Creative Director of Moadey.Fashion is a mass
I am not one of those ladies that uses edge control everyday. I only use it when I have a ponytail o
Every girl’s dream growing up is to ‘get old enough to be able to apply makeup and use q
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