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The Year of No Excuses! What’s your slogan this year? any new year resolutions? New year resol
My mom is a very smart woman, as kids we all knew that, as long as it pertained to academics and a r
My Dad battles with hypertension, like most black hypertensive patients, he also believes stress to
It has been seven glorious months of being a mum to the amazing Oshea and I would not change it for
In general, illness develops because of a loss of balance in the body’s regulatory system . An inf
The World Health Organization (WHO) announced COVID-19 as a  Public Health Emergency of Internation
Have you ever heard of Black Tax? I guess you’re probably thinking that it means tax paid by black
Happy new year and I am glad you made it to 2023. I know we have all heard about new year resolution
It is 4:57 am, I am breastfeeding and I remember I have a website. I have an audience that read my a
ODE {A poem expressing the writer’s thoughts and feelings about a particular person usually writte
“Hi, my name is Tunde,” he said in an ever so sweet British accent as he walked up to me the nex
It is the season of stories. The long awaited post is here. How I met my husband. Get your cup of co
Preparation Time: 10 minutes Portion: Ingredients for 3 people Cooking Time: 15 minutes   Intro
Simon the leper, the woman with the issue of blood, blind Bartimaeus, Rehab the harlot/prostitute, a
Writing this article brings so many memories, most of which are funny. When my friends and I wanted
 If you are anything like this writer, then you are reading this because you are having difficulty
Now you have overcome your job search fears and applied for a position, you are likely concerned abo
This writer is yet to test the effectiveness of sleep-learning, meanwhile, this article was publishe
Some supervillain must have activated the mysterious five-stone Gauntlet by snapping his fingers, ca
Before you read, write out all your job search fears, your industrial skills, and work qualities. 
One thing having a website has thought me is that I am not a motivational speaker neither am I a pre
The year, 2020 was indeed a very dramatic one for most of us. Many lost their jobs. Many died. Many
RECESSION is around the corner… Before you say ‘God forbid!’, understand that it&#
I can’t exactly remember the age but all my life, we are used to the tradition of visiting hom
Nkem whispered into Anne’s ears, “that lady’s dress looks very horrible” as
Friendships crashed. Potential marriages broken down. What really is the problem with my generation?
    “For the spirit of God does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self dis
What aren’t you doing right about GOAL SETTING? I remember in my early years of setting out goals
A typical day in Lagos is very hectic. It is full with loads of hustle and bustle. It can be very bu
LEAN on cash this period? These 3 business ideas will EARN you much more than you expect!!!  These
In all our years on earth, there are countless times, when plans do not go your way. We have all bee
You know When life gives you lemons… I know the caption is cliche but like they say, “Wh
It is Friday, the weather is hot in Abuja and I am finding it difficult to do any office work. I fig
My weightless journey: How I lost over 12kg and still losing more! It seems funny to me even writing
I know what you are thinking, “Is she really writing an article on toilet training?” Wel
According to the United Nations Environment Programme: Scientists recently generated small quanti
Hellurr…… My name is Blessing Osojie, I am very passionate about food and cooking and I abso
I hope I won't sound cheesy if I say I spend my whole year fantasizing about my Christmas holiday. I
If you claim to know me (Lioness) and you don’t know my heartbeat for God, then you probably d
It is not easy to get a job in Nigeria, because the first thing they tell you is “How many yea
It was my ‘first day’ of a very important training I had been preparing for, for months.
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