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Terngu: The Year of No Excuses! Live with Eternity in Focus.

The Year of No Excuses!

What’s your slogan this year? any new year resolutions?

New year resolutions have never really worked for me, still, I like the vibes and feels that they give to a lot of people. The new year always heralds something of a new start, a new page, a budding out for so many people. It seems like a reset button to start all over or to do things better than the previous year. It seems like a nice timeline to work with, with regards to setting goals.


In actuality, all what really happens is a change in mind set! And you see, changing your mind does not need till a new year comes. This year I hope we wont be waiting for any special time or any body or any reason to do what we ought to do.

The popular slogan for Nigerian youths this year is “no gree for anybody” – directly translated as ‘Do not agree with anybody’. This can have a lot of meanings and in this write up; I want to encourage you to not settle for any situation that is not the best. We are not doing good or good enough this year. We are striving for excellence. We are going all the way to the next level.

We are not making excuses.

We are breaking down barriers and walls.

We are making lemonade or lemon cake if life throws us lemons.

We are taking lessons from ‘failures and successes’ and running with it.

Life is a journey, only posterity can tell what was really a failure or a success, your job now is to take what works and run with it.

We are making beauty out of any mess we find our self in.

We are winning this year, no excuses. no complaints.

We are drinking whatever cup life hands to us with grace and gratitude, in humility and in victory.

Go for the next level. Here’s a tip to know you are on the right path-the next level is always going to seem unattainable. If it doesn’t feel difficult, you’re living within your means, you’re playing really safe.  This year I need you to think and function above your means, above anything that those around you ever thought that you could be or do. I need your vision to take you knocking on Heaven’s door for help to achieve it. And I tell you, there’s a Heaven up there.


Live with Eternity in Focus

And when you think of not settling for just good enough, remember that this life, is not it! That’s not the end!

I want you to have your mind set on eternity, cause you see this life is just a transition phase. Its just a period for learning and unlearning.  There is still the final destination.

Why would you allow yourself to be cowered in a place that is just transitory? Where we are going to is a much bigger and glorious country, nothing like the world has ever seen.  What is the worst that could happen if you start that business or if you take that course, if you write that book or if you make that trip? Why be afraid of failure in such a small realm? A realm so transitory. Ask the greatest civilizations that ever stood, ask the seven wonders of the ancient world?  There’s always something new to replace the old.  Why be afraid to be daring in a world of such impermanence? Everything will pass away.

You know artists always have a sketch pad, a sketch pad is often for practice, its not the final work. Planet earth is really just for practice. The big question is where you are practicing to go to? You might think that is of no concern to you, but really? do you want to choose for yourself or would you like someone else to choose for you?

When this life is gone, only one thing will remain! You can choose to attach yourself to the one thing that will stand the test of time, the Word of God!  The word of God is everywhere, It is in your heart. You just need to be willing to see it and to take hold of it!

As for me and my household, we shall serve the Lord!

When it’s time to leave this world, you must leave, so stop thinking small, stop making excuses.


We are already two weeks into January. Like the Chinese say, the best time to plant a tree was yesterday, the second best time is today.

I hope you live boldly this year and I hope you are living for the right reasons.

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