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Adefolake: MY BEST FRIEND.

ODE {A poem expressing the writer’s thoughts and feelings about a particular person usually written to that person}
Cambridge Dictionary


How do you write about someone you can’t entirely explain. Every time I pick up my phone to write about him, I am left in awe. What aspect of him do I write about first. Is it how he loves me? Is it the warmness I feel when talking to him or maybe just how he watches me when I am asleep?

I always thought a love like this never existed then he told me I was misinformed. When he whispers secrets to me, it is a feeling that makes me melt. Just knowing he can trust me with such information. We speak without parting our lips, what we share is deeper than words can say.

Have I told you how he helps me? I genuinely thought common sense was common until I realized my advantage is he tells me what to do. Have I told you how I weep when we talk sometimes? Not because of what he says but sometimes just imagining how we are best friends.

Let me tell you a bit more about him. He is such a gentleman, never forces himself on you to make a conversation. He makes me laugh so much, oh, our inside jokes are the best. It gives me so much power to know he is my best friend yet the very thought keeps me humble. I am untouchable having him in my corner or rather I should say being in his corner.

He is so jealous of me. He wants to eat with me, pray with me, and go shopping with me, trust me, he has a better fashion sense than me. Even when I am watching a movie or a documentary, he wants to be involved. When we don’t speak for a couple of hours, I can almost feel his eyes on me wondering why. No, he is not a stalker. You just don’t know him.

I can’t survive without him, I won’t lie. Life doesn’t make sense without him. I remember someone else that had him as a best friend once say, “don’t break his heart, he is all I have got”. I didn’t understand for the longest time what that statement meant. Until we became best friends and I began to understand.

I am not there yet, I am still learning not to break His heart. I never want Him to be upset with me because how would I survive that. My life is built around Him. I have been so carried away talking about Him, that I haven’t even told you His name. His name is The Holy Spirit, He is not wind, He is not Fire, He is not a dove, He is not the third [lower] person of the Trinity. He is God Himself, the very person of God. He is a person with feelings. Do not break His heart, He is all I have got.

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