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For the spirit of God does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self discipline” -2 Timothy 1:17.

Isn’t it amazing that God created all the beautiful islands, trees, mountains, flowers and animals and then he created you too? He knows that you are special and the world also needs you .Since you have been created with so much beauty and uniqueness , what makes you dare to think that you are unworthy and undeserving of love ? What makes you think that you are less of the unique being and exceptional soul that you are?

God said He made you in his own image and likeness.He gave you eyes to see,a nose to breathe with , a mouth to speak and different other organs to function with. Why would you look at your features and your body, which basically make you who you are and fill your heart with hatred against the vessel your creator has given unto you?



You have only one chance at life and this is the personality,race , skin color and body you are stuck with!

Ask yourself these questions from time to time:

Why fill yourself with worry over things you cannot change?

You have only one life to live ; Do you really want to spend your whole life hating on yourself for an unworthy reason?

A lot of people spend limited time obsessing over weight loss , stretch marks, cellulite and other things that make our bodies natural which should not be so.

You have two choices- to feel miserable about yourself  throughout your entire existence or learn to love yourself and live your best life!


No one is you.You are unique and that is your super power .

Embrace yourself ! Your body  and your imperfections are the way they are for a reason-it is your identity and without it , you would be an entirely different individual.

If you don’t love yourself, other people will find it difficult to love you.

You cannot pour from an empty cup; you must learn how to love yourself first before you can truly love another human being.

All the celebrities, and role models we all admire have one thing in common- They all have confidence and self love. Being loved is an amazing feeling, but unfortunately one cannot feel it unless one loves himself first. You have to accept your entirety- your beauty and your flaws and understand that it’s okay to be imperfect and that you deserve love.


There are different ways to improve yourself and be more confident about your self worth . Positive affirmations are key. Make sure you always tell yourself words to boost your  confidence. Studies have shown that people who positively affirm to themselves in front of the mirror at least once a day tend to be more confident about themselves. Tell yourself you are beautiful, smart and wonderfully made.

Also , try to stay away from bad and negative energy. Your self worth should not be determined by the opinions of other people.You should know yourself properly,trust yourself and your abilities  and be unbothered by the image strangers have of you. Try to stay away from toxic people who never have anything positive to say and surround yourself with people and things who uplift your spirit.

Being grateful about what you have and how far you’ve come in life is very necessary. You have to admit that you are blessed , and although you have problems and there are a few things you don’t like, a lot of other people probably have it worse. You might not like the shape of your nose, but there’s someone who was born without a nose. Business is a bit slow and you don’t like it, but you’ve come a long way from where you started from and therefore you should be proud of yourself. Acknowledging all these things helps you to be more grateful and to appreciate yourself more.

I know I listed a few reasons, but you actually have every reason to love yourself.

I’m not saying the journey to self love and confidence is an easy one, but it is a very necessary one that every human needs to embark on . If you want true happiness, self love is not negotiable.


Adekola Tofunmi .

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  1. Doreen

    Really uplifting write up. But what advice would you give someone with body dysmorphia, for them it’s not something they can easily snap out of.

    • Tofunmi Adekola

      Hello Doreen.It is true that one cannot snap out of dysmorphia.It is advisable to see a therapist or a counselor .Seeking the help on a professional is necessary in this case .

  2. Chinonye

    Very uplifting. A lot of times self hatred doesn’t come from within, the words of others are usually the main cause.
    Can’t wait to read more posts from you!!!

    • Tofunmi Adekola

      Hence the need to filter words that you allow to get to you. Not every opinion matters.
      Thanks for reading. I’ll definitely write more💕

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