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Adefolake: Forget years of experience, apply for that job!

It is not easy to get a job in Nigeria, because the first thing they tell you is “How many years experience do you have?”…I wonder how these organizations expect someone that finished yesterday to have ten years experience. 

Even though almost 60% of the worlds population is below 30 years (UNESCO, 2017).

Often times, you apply for a job that you are qualified for but they say “Oh, we wish you had more years of experience”. 

This has affected the esteem of many people and they don’t bother applying when they see new job alerts. This was almost me, not until I worked as a top level staff in a Private company, my self esteem sky rocketed. 

Although I did not stay in that company for long but it gave me the strong will to never belittle myself.

So a mentor of mine told me about an opening and I reluctantly applied thinking I would not get it because of the years of experience they were asking for. 

But guess what? I did! I got that job and I believe it was because I had the qualifications and the RELEVANT experience (not number of years…lol) they were looking for.

But it does not end there, it is not good enough that you get the job. You need to prove your worth. You don’t want a situation were your colleagues begin to murmur that hiring you was a mistake. Or that they should have gone for someone with more years of experience because you can’t cope.

It is important to note that learning on the job is not bad. In fact it has being my life and I am grateful to every organization or company that has given me the chance. 

I have learnt patience, tenacity, good communication skills and so much more.

Hey readers! APPLY for that job, don’t dull yourself. What is the worst that will happen, they will say “we are sorry, you are not what we are looking for”. 

I hear that not less than fifty times a year from different companies and organizations but you know why I don’t give up? Because all it takes is ONE YES! That’s all…

share your experiences in the comment section, I’m eager to hear from you guys.

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