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Adefolake: How I got the nickname “Lioness”

If you claim to know me (Lioness) and you don’t know my heartbeat for God, then you probably don’t know me so well.¬†

And I have been this way since my early teens. While in the University, my friends and I had our prayer groups and we usually travailed in prayers especially when we were faced with diverse challenges. 

Every time we sat down to gist, they’d imitate the way each of us prayed and make jokes. Whenever it got to my turn, there would be an uproar because they all claimed I roared while praying.

During one of these discussions, when it got to my turn a friend shouted, “Ah Lioness” and that was it. They said whenever I prayed, I prayed with so much authority…

Afterwards I fell in love with the nickname, but I truly valued the nickname when I watched a documentary on Lions. A lioness (female lion) hunts and brings food to the lion, protects him from attackers and other prey, and warns him of impending attack.

 Females are more agile and are generally faster than males. Also, they camouflage better than males. Overall, females are built more for hunting than combat.

Finding out about the strength the female lions have made me appreciate the nickname better hence why it has become a signature (A distinguishing style) of mine.



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  1. Oracle

    What a good Genesis…
    I was called Oracle tho…. and the story was just like yours. The name ‘Oracle’ remains my nick and Usernames….

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