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Adefolake: Labelled by Condition

Simon the leper, the woman with the issue of blood, blind Bartimaeus, Rehab the harlot/prostitute, all these people and so many more in the Bible all had one thing in common. Their situation was attached to their name, I always wondered why people could not just called them by their name, Simon or Bartimaeus or Rehab. I believe the reason is because we live in a world that attaches your situation to your name. Even among our relatives, when you want to describe someone most times we look for something negative to attribute to the name. Rarely, would you see people use the positive to describe another person.

The interesting part of the stories of the people I mentioned earlier is their stories went on to change, I mean the woman with the issue of blood was healed, blind Bartimaeus regained his sight and Rehab hid two men in her house and she and her household were spared and she went on to be a descendant of Jesus Christ. So why can we not call her Rehab, the descendant of Jesus or the woman that touched Jesus’ garment. While studying Matthew 26: 6 I asked the Holy Spirit why that was the case and he said, “people label you by your condition” and asked me, “What will you be referred to? And what will you be remembered for?”

Anytime I hear Christians that were in the world share their transformation stories, I get a bit jealous because it seems like they “enjoyed” the world then came into Christ and started casting demons and living their best life. And then, the Holy Spirit showed me this and the jealousy left speedily. You will always be labelled by your condition, whether past or present. It can be a bit frustrating to be honest because when you come into Christ you are not a changed man, you are a new man; so why can’t people let go of the past? Why can’t they look at you how God sees you now?

A lot of celebrities are being used by God now and I am so excited about the move of God all over the world but people still refer to what they have done in the past to describe them, mostly even within the Body of Christ. So here is the thing, some of us do not have stories of been in the world. However, for those that have experienced the world and have come into the manifold wisdom of God; God allowed it happen for a reason.

There is the good, permissible and perfect will of God (Romans 12:2) and he does not want us to be conformed to the patterns of this world. However, if it so happens that we conform to the patterns of the world, our story is still valid because God requires something from us. Rehab despite the fact that she was a prostitute had to hide the spies and God knew she would be in the lineage of Jesus Christ. So, why did he not stop her from using her body for money? Because we have free will, which is what God gave us from the creation of time.

This is what I am saying, whether you are labelled by condition or not, there is an assignment we all have here on earth. Decisions we make everyday is a step closer to either fulfilling that calling or not. The Bible says let no man think he stands lest he falls (1 Corinthians 10:12), meaning to say we stand by the Grace of God and the next verse goes further to say, “No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear.  But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so you can endure it”. Saying, you are going to be tempted, I want you to resist it because I would never allow you to go through what is too much for you to handle.

Now this is what God wants us to remember, he does not label, we are the ones that give people the labels. But before we were born, there was a calling on everyone’s life to fulfil a purpose and as far as you make yourself available no matter the condition; he will use you. Labelled or not.

Is it good to be labelled? Absolutely not, in fact being labelled makes serving God a lot more difficult because people hang it around your neck. Saul who later became Paul, wrote most of the New Testament. We still talk about it in Church till today because in as much as he was used mightily by God, we remember he stood by and watch Stephen be stoned to death.

For the teenagers and younger ones, please do not wish to be labelled, life is a lot fairer to you if you are not labelled and your decisions play an important role in this. However, if you have already being labelled or are currently being labelled, then you can still be used. The dispensation we are in, all you need to do is be available; a serial killer can become a serial soul winner in prison but I would prefer we do good and be always remembered for good.

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