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Adefolake: How I spent my Public holiday in Nigeria: (Christmas)!

How I spent my Christmas holiday in Nigeria!

Hmmm, Public holidays in Nigeria especially Christmas, I hope I won’t sound cheesy if I say I spend my whole year fantasizing about my Christmas holiday. It is a mixture of bitter, sweet and sour, which is the perfect recipe for a delicious meal…lol

Lagos to Ogbomosho

My Christmas holiday usually starts around December 22nd, which used to be a long trip from Abuja to Ogbomosho (Oyo State) but later changed to a flight to Lagos and drive down to Ogbomosho.

Last year was different because I had a training in Minna, Niger State. So It was a road trip from Minna passing through Bida to Mokwa to Ilorin and then to Ogbomosho.

Usually when you get to Ogbomosho, it is non-stop round of greetings with your knees touching the ground greeting uncles and aunties.

Public Holiday in Nigeria (The Orisirisi: The Food)

I remember an uncle that told me my knees must touch the ground…I was so pissed, because I never saw their child do the same for my parents. Anyways, After the greetings it is the first round of Amala (cassava flour) with Gbegiri (bean soup) and Ewedu with Inu Eran (offal).

On December 24th, all the Adekolas’ come together for a family meeting (one I have never attended). While the meeting is on going, some women are responsible for cooking and youths for setting up the night party.

From the meeting everyone heads outside for the party that starts around 6 pm till dawn. At this point I am over saturated with Amala so I opt for Jollof rice as that is usually the only other alternative. Jollof rice, moi moi (bean cake) and chicken or beef.

Christmas Holiday In Nigeria

Christmas day starts early because we all head to church and spend not less than 4 hours (I love God and all, but 4 hours on Christmas day…). Afterwards the Church Ministers hold a meeting with the Adekolas’ (don’t ask me what…I have no idea). From there we head to one of the Adekola family house and eat round one. Then we head to the second house and eat round two.

On the 26th my parents host the entire family which starts with a breakfast meeting and later lunch…which drags till night.

There’s music, laughter and lots of fun but there’s also serving of my relatives and quarrels about food that break out. However, all in all, we enjoy going back to my hometown to cool off and enjoy the serene environment.

We leave Ogbomosho and head to Ibadan to drop my grandmother off (She died last year, so that has changed) and head to Lagos. I love Lagos as a city because of the hustle and all but whenever I come for the Christmas holidays it’s different.

Holiday in Nigeria Continues – 5 Star HotelĀ 

We lodge in a five star hotel and all we do is eat, sleep and visit friends. On the 31st we go to church and head to my Uncle’s house for more prayers and a midnight snack (calories loading…lol).

Party after Party

January 1st we go to another Adekola party and visit other families. Between the 2nd and 5th of January we pick a day and some of the family members go to the beach (Group C)…Yes my family has groups because we are a lot.

After beach day, my Christmas holiday is officially over. Sometimes I stay back to celebrate the first Sunday in the year in Lagos, sometimes Abuja.

My opinion is, it is very important for family traditions to be maintained. There are so many things I would never have known about my family if we didn’t come home every year and it would have been long forgotten. When we were younger, our parents made us come; now we are older, we look forward to coming.

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