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Cheta Mbajekwe: For A Happier, Healthier 2021, DITCH These 6 Habits!!!

New Year, 2021!!!

It’s time to “start AFRESH”.

After a long, challenging and cumbersome year, it’s pretty difficult to start “afresh”. 

Truth is, COVID isn’t even over yet. Which means we are still trusting that a lot of things change over time as the year unfolds.

There’s no “better” time to take on proactive steps to support our mental health and happiness than now.

We can start by freeing ourselves of anything that will hold us back from attaining or getting to where we desire to be.

For a MUCH MORE fulfilling and Healthier 2021, Ensure You Ditch These 6 Habits:

1. Complaining into the void.

To be quite honest, the year 2020 brought about a ton of reasons to complain and be discouraged; it begun with slowly, then eventually changed our perception about “everything” we thought we had an idea about.

However, constantly whining and complaining about certain things we can’t do anything about?

Certainly not.

Ensure you give a rapt focus to things you can change or do something about.

It enables you to “be in control” of at least some certain aspects of your life. It also helps your state and condition of your mental health.

2. Waiting for an individual to give you a “break”.

All the breaks you desire in life are boxed up within your imagination”, said Napoleon Hill.

By the time people look after themselves and their corresponding families, there’s not a lot left-over for any other individual.

You simply have to go out into the world. You have to work out your own luck. You may even be forced to create your own luck. You may even have to create your own source of income. That’s pretty okay. Understand that you have plenty to offer.

Keep pressing. Keep pushing. Keep improving. 

3. Trying extremely hard to do the “right” thing. “You wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do.” — Eleanor Roosevelt.

We have all experienced a “degree” of kindness this year. However, not everyone is ‘kind’. Well, not ‘everyone’ was ‘kind’ enough.

Actually, no, some people weren’t all that kind; they broke curfew and grabbed toilet paper and wouldn’t wear masks in public and got all abusive when they were told off. So they don’t get a pass mark.

It’s a ‘great and befitting act’ to act for the Greater Good, one can’t satisfy everyone. 

But while it’s a ‘fine and noble thing’ to act for the Greater Good, you cannot keep everyone happy. 

No matter how great your efforts are, they will be a great hindrance to somebody, somewhere. Or, they would not like you. Or even approve of you. So, you better quit trying to “attain perfection”. 

Be encouraged to be as straightforward and as decent as you can – and ensure you are able to get on with your life.

4. Looking over your shoulder.

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” — Buddha

We all know the past is the past. We can’t grab time back and stuff it in a box under our beds. If only. We can only atone (or apologise) for whatever we’ve done wrong or whoever we’ve hurt. After that, there are no gains in dwelling on it.

We are all aware that the “past is the past”. The truth is the only accurate time we have is ‘now’. Also, what we are able to do with the time will determine the kind of future we are to enter into.

You do not necessarily have to be “overly productive” daily. It’s pretty overwhelming to be around – and a bit awkward. However, be encouraged to constantly keep an eye on whether your “daily actions” are advancing you or even making you “pull back” in circles.

Furthermore, if you happen to ever feel dizzy, make sure you change.

5. Intentionally destroying your health.

There’s no perfect person; we all have ample vices and vulnerabilities, especially when we are completely stressed out. 

However, furthermore, “excessive” involvement in anything at all will send you down a crooked and uncertain path. 

Porn, sex, gambling, shopping, work, food, gaming, social media and internet trawling, can potentially destroy your health, well-being – and furthermore, your relationships.

Ensure you keep in check the visible signs 

6. Chaining yourself to the safe road.

“The doors will be opened to those who are bold enough to knock.” Tony Gaskins

Pandemics cause shifts across the globe; they force us not just internally, but to rate safety over everything else.

Any individual who has a secure job – and healthy safe and measurable income – has all the right to feel extremely happy at the moment.

However, it would be deeply saddening if safety is our “default” setting; if it began to be the basis of “all” our choices. 

Most of the healthiest experiences in life are garnered from taking off the chains and taking on bold tasks, even reckless.

Hence; if COVID (or any life situation) has kept you in a tight corner, ensure you fight to keep the key.

Ensure you set-out to execute one thing this year, 2021 that you would not normally do. That thing that makes you feel brave. Also, when you do, put up a “big tick” in your “to-do list”. This will “build up your confidence” and assurance for the new year, 2021.

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