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Cheta Mbajekwe: 3 Passive Income Streams I Plan To Perfect In 2021.

The year, 2020 was indeed a very dramatic one for most of us. Many lost their jobs. Many died. Many fell ill. A lot of people lost it totally. Personally, I lost my old job and within that time and when I got a new job, I had to do other side-businesses (both online and offline) to sustain myself.

I was able to start some of these businesses last year but I plan to perfect them this year, 2021.

They are:

1. YouTube Channeling: I’ll start building my YouTube channel up from the ground.

I have not invested a great degree of time into YouTube, as making videos is my weakness, and I have to be very intentional about not doing any extra activity online that will distract me from doing the videos in the genre I want to be a part of.

For the past 4 months, I have been doing a lot of study and online learning so I can create engaging content online. The process between putting it on YouTube and using the content on my blog would be “alot of hardwork”, alot! From this, I believe I can make a great income that will grow tremendously as my number of subscribers continues to increase.

2. Product Selling: I’ll sell on-demand products, both online and physical products.

Presently, I work in a company where we we sell cosmetic products and household consumables in general. Asides from my regular job and activities within the organization, I sell these products on a part-time basis and earn a lot of side-income from it. It has been going very well as I have being doing a lot of the marketing on Instagram and Facebook about it. A lot and it has indeed paid off tremendously.

 3. Digital Product Sales: I’ll sell downloadable templates and guides that I’ve already created for self-use

For the past year, I’ve been using the planners and guides I created myself. Upon showing it to a friend she asked if she could have a copy. Old me would have given her a copy and thought nothing of it. New me will give her a copy WHILE asking if she can promote it on her Instagram when I put it up on sites like Creative Market.

My skill-set lies in creating fun, artsy pages for bullet journals or organization. Yet others might make brushes, phone stickers, wallpapers, courses, or several kinds of online offerings the result in a purely that only need’s a solid downloadable file and way to get it to the consumer. While I will put it on my own website, it’s much easier to get customers amongst those who are already on a site and expecting to buy something. At least until I have a following. I’ve sold 2 so far. I want to make $1000 from my downloadable PDF planning and budget materials.

Yes, that seems small, but I like to keep the goal manageable while I’m starting and learning what works and what doesn’t. Who knows, I might be pleasantly surprised when I beat that goal by a mile. Or maybe like, two dollars.

There are so many passive income stream possibilities out there.

I hope these few I have shared have helped you greatly and you are considering doing any.


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