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Adefolake: Why is the weather so hot?

My cousin wrote on her LinkedIn page about how she felt as regards the weather in Abuja and I can understand her frustration. The weather is really hot, I mean even with the Air Conditioner on, you will still be sweating.

Towards the end of the post she mentioned my name and asked for a contribution….which I gave.

Rising Temperature

She wrote “ Global Warming? I am not an Energy or Environmental Lawyer. Their respective subject matters do not interest me. What has however gotten my interest these past few days is the rising temperature in my city (Abuja).

Coastal Temperatures

It got so worrisome I opted to check what temperature we were actually contending with. On a Friday Night, at about 11pm, at a time when coastal temperatures should have cooled down with the emergence of the moon, we were at 31 degrees Celsius.

I probed further, more like consulted on our fate for the coming day, and the weather oracle confirmed that we would be dealing with 39 degrees Celsius. It never got to 39 degrees, but we did get to 37 degrees that subsequent day.

Climate Change 

I have considered the features of global warming and can’t help but wonder – What step is Nigeria taking to mitigate the effects of climate change? What’s the plan for clean energy? Are we even aware? And by aware, I mean not just on paper and attendance at conferences? hashtag#justthinkingaloudhashtag#climatechangehashtag#globalwarming

Over to you Adefolake Adekola

My response was “ I can imagine how you feel sis but trust me this Environmental issue is even more serious than it seems. The hot weather is only an aftermath effect. My bellanaija article on the depletion of the ozone layer highlighted so many factors that cause the weather to be this hot. Where do we start?

Is it the carbon monoxide emissions from cars or the emissions from production companies or even the cows roaming the streets of Abuja releasing fart which is primarily methane…

a greenhouse gas that causes global warming which leads to the depletion of the ozone layer making everywhere hot and unbearable.


Is Nigeria working? Yes and No. Yes because the country is partnering with International organizations and NGOs that are fighting hard to mitigate environmental issues.

But no because we the citizens are unaware of the man-made activities we do that contribute tremendously to the level we are at now.

The truth is we as Nigerians need to be educated on what and what not to do in order to add our contribution to the society. About the weather…it is only going to get worse, truth be told.

Every year is going to be hotter than the previous year unless we act.

What are your thoughts?

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