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Adefolake: Why I prefer being Barefaced

The word “Barefaced” can be defined as “With no effort to conceal”. There was a time I could not go out without having makeup on, not because of insecurity or anything. I just had the mentality that since makeup was meant to enhance, my face should always be enhanced when going out…lol.

My course mates often teased me in class that I couldn’t go out without makeup because they seldomly saw me without it and this gave them the impression I was obsessed with it especially when I finish the makeup off with my ever bright red lipstick. A few of them dared me that I couldn’t last a week without coming for lectures with makeup and I accepted the challenge.

The first day in class after the dare commenced seemed strange as heads turned twice to look at me and wondered why I looked different. Those that were courageous enough asked me why I did not have makeup on and I explained I was fulfilling a bet. After a week the questions turned to statements like, “Do you know you actually look good without makeup, why do you even use it?”.

Shock ran across my friends faces as they soon realized everyone had adjusted to seeing me without makeup and actually started loving it. This taught me a great lesson….Do you! The world will adjust.

When I moved back to Nigeria, I tried to use makeup everyday but the hot weather just didn’t allow me. Soon after I stopped using makeup when I started to notice heat rashes on my face and decided to only use it on special occasions like important meetings or parties.

Me going out barefaced gives me some level of confidence I never had before. It make me so bold and confident that I can achieve all I want to. The reason is because, being barefaced means you don’t care about social pressures or status. You are comfortable in your own skin and understand that makeup is only to enhance your look not alter your appearance.

Being barefaced shows my face with its imperfections and flaws which reminds me of how beautiful I was created. It reminds me that makeup does not make me beautiful, I am beautiful because of how I was created.

My bareface is a pride to me! Try it if you haven’t and tell me what it does for you

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