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Adefolake: When life gives you lemons, make lemonades

You know When life gives you lemons… I know the caption is cliche but like they say, “Why fix what is not broken”.

I saw no reason to try to alter the heading. People are scared and a lot are lost on what to do when it seems like the world is about to end.

Well, that is what I am here for. hence the caption “when life gives you lemons, make lemonades”.

In most countries, people are asked to stay at home for their safety and this has caused mixed reactions across board.

Some are happy to be finally getting the rest they have always craved for, some are glad to spend quality time with their families, while some are mourning loved ones who have died as a result of this pandemic.

In a thousand years, no one imagined a virus could bring the world and the economies to a standstill but we are here now and the only way is forward.

The lemons in this context is Covid-19 and the lemonades we are making are the decisions we make individually and collectively during and after this period.

During this period, staying home and staying safe is definitely one of the things we can do. But not just staying at home, there is so much we can do from the comfort of our houses. Some people have always said, “when I have time, i will do this…”.

Now you have that time, this might be the time to learn to bake, or sew or code or write that book. The list is unending, this is also a great time to sort out your wardrobe and take out clothes you have not worn in awhile that will be valuable to orphanage homes and other people in need after the pandemic.

I am a firm believer in making the best use of what ever opportunities present themselves. Whether good or bad, everyone has had their fair share of good and bad times but guess what?

We are all still here! That counts for something and further validates the statement, “what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger”.

Some day soon hopefully, the crisis will seize and we will be left with the decisions we made during “the stay at home period”.

What will you say? If you do not want to gain weight, now is the time to make the right decisions when it comes to eating habits to ensure that does not happen. If you want to do a certification or a professional course online, this is the opportunity you have been waiting for.

Well, some people like me are using it to binge watch our favorite series and I have absolutely no guilt. Why? Because I am making an informed decision, there is a lot of power in making informed decisions.

I learnt this from my uncle that always tells me what ever I decide to do or achieve, I should make sure I am ready to live with the consequences no matter what and this has helped me become a risk taker in so many ways.

Please do not take a risk and leave your house…lol. But this is the time to accomplish that goal. It was an opportunity like this I had in school when I was less busy that allowed me read the bible from start to finish, twice; similar opportunity allowed me write my first book then.

A perfect example of making the best use of an opportunity is this: It is 2:24 am and I am knackered but I made up my mind to write two articles before going to bed because my writing juices were flowing.

Everything should not be about money or benefit, sometimes just do things that make you happy. I have a few I am still going to do in the nearest future.

So to everyone reading this, please make the best use of this opportunity. That it does not pay you now does not mean it cannot be a source of income for you in the nearest future or be the thing that makes you a star.

Stay Home and Stay Safe!

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