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Cheta Mbajekwe: What’s your RECESSION Plan This Season???

RECESSION is around the corner…

Before you say ‘God forbid!’, understand that it’s ‘true’ and ‘real’.

Infact it’s been released as a prophecy from ‘trusted’ prophetic voices around.

Also, it’s pretty obvious from the current economic statistics in the country (in case you are not aware, 1 dollar is now…)

So, the question is how can you and I thrive in these challenging times?

Is it still possible to live and enjoy a fruitful income in times to come?

Well, yes, it’s possible, if you are willing to put in the required and needed work and approach towards your current financial status.

I haven’t tried ALL these but you can try your hands on ATLEAST 1 of these:

1.   Learn a ‘high-income skill’ and earn in ‘foreign’ currency (for example, Copywriting, Programming, Web Design,            Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, etc). You can LEARN any of these online. They are easy and pretty              straightforward if you are willing to do the necessary work needed.

2. Learn an ‘offline’ skill (for example, hairdressing, cleaning, tutoring, cooking, etc). I have seen people create an             additional source of income for themselves and their families easily by learning either of these skills and                         applying them accordingly.

3. Invest in foreign stocks, real estate, etc. Basically, ensure you are receiving a huge percentage of foreign                          exchange. Trust me, it pays on the long run.

4. Reduce your expenses. It’s not ‘every OWAMBE’ you must attend. It’s not every wedding ‘aso-ebi’ you must                      buy. It’s not every ‘fashion trend’ you must include in your wardrobe. My point is ‘cut your coat according to your cloth’. Nobody became ‘Somebody’ by trying to ‘impress’ others.

5. Trust God as well. Remember the children of Israel? God blessed them in the wilderness with ‘manna’. I am                  sure they never expected it, so trust God, he’s able to meet your needs no matter how stranded you ‘think’ you              are.

Would love to hear your thoughts…

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