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Cheta Mbajekwe: Damn Childish Acts and Grow Up FAST!!!

Friendships crashed.

Potential marriages broken down.

What really is the problem with my generation?

Your friend speaks ill against you, you hear about it and instead of asking to know why or understanding why such was said, you get angry and cut him or her off (like you haven’t done similar, you simply weren’t caught).

You come on social media and hear childish talk like, if they hurt you, cut them off, if they lie to you, cut them off, etc.

If your father caught off all his friends because of the little things they did and still do, don’t you think he would be pretty lonely by now?

What would have been his fate by now?

We need to apply a strong degree of wisdom when managing relationships in this generation.

We are overly sensitive about nothing and this would be our undoing in the future. We get angry and overreact to every given situation around us.

We tend to always position ourselves as the victim and never the true problem.

That’s why we have a high divorce rate in this generation.

We severe God-ordained relationships, opportunities and marriages all in the name of I CAN’T KILL MYSELF, WE MOVE and so much more nonsense and jargons!!!

We need to be more patient…

Much more patient!!!

We need to allow the Lord to work in us patience and long-suffering…

Its hard and very difficult but can certainly be achieved.

Would love to hear your thoughts…

Do you have any childish acts? 

Have you tried putting an end to them?

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