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Adefolake: The importance of a ‘PROJECTOR’ for a POWER-POINT PRESENTATION.

It was my ‘first day’ of a very important training I had been preparing for, for months. The day was finally here…’TIME TO PRESENT’.

Lo and behold the projector was unavailable and I was asked to start. I thought I would still be able to give my ever-dashing presentation that would sway my listeners, not until I began to hear murmurs.

As they began to whisper one to another, “we don’t understand what she’s saying” I knew I had only two options. To either continue my now boring presentation or to stop. I decided to carry-on.

As I got to the concluding part of my presentation, the projector arrived. I sighed…a sigh of relief and a sigh of confusion. Does that mean I have to start again? From the top? My boss said ‘YES’, that’s the only option. Reluctantly I agreed and that was the best decision I made that day.

As I started my presentation from the top and gradually got to the latter part, I could see ‘smiles’ on the faces of the participants. They were being carried along, they understood, they could see pictures and explanations of the gibberish I had mumbled earlier on.

It was my last slide and I was pleased with the fact I got a second opportunity to prove my worth. This time I got a loud round of applause from the participants. For the next two days, I got numerous comments from them saying how much they enjoyed my presentations.

What was the difference between my first presentation and my subsequent ones? Yes, you are right….A PROJECTOR !!! That was the day I truly knew the importance of using a PROJECTOR for a PowerPoint presentation.

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