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Adefolake: Quality over Quantity

Growing up, my mum always shopped from the best of places she could afford because she wanted us to be happy but I always thought the things she bought were too expensive especially because of how much I complained about them every time.

Primark Store

I remember my first shopping alone, the excitement and the eagerness to finally get things I liked without the gazing eyes of my mum. I strolled into a Primark Store in the heart of Manchester City Centre to shop with a friend.

My focus was on getting more clothing and footwear that will last me for at least awhile. I passed by H&M, M&S, House of Fraser, River Island, Debenhams, Next and so many other stores because I just assumed they will be more expensive and I would only be able to shop for a few things.

I knew these stores probably had more quality things but I was after quantity.

When I got to the counter after shopping, the cashier gave me that look like, “Really”. I left the store with four extra large bags and other smaller ones.

The first few months, I rocked all the jewelry and clothes I had gotten but I noticed the bags began to change colour and the some clothes became worn out within weeks. Maybe I was washing them too often or I did not use them well but this experience taught me a great lesson.

When I started feeling uncomfortable with the worn out clothes I went shopping with some of my girls and they mentioned all the stores they were going to that day. They were the very stores I had avoided before.

Cut your coat according to your size

Fear gripped my heart because I believe in the principle “Cut your coat according to your size” and I wanted to get a couple of things, but after that day I think I have a different understanding of that statement.

These stores I dreaded entering had my style of clothing, simple and classy; not too flashy or bright. I like dull colours….lol. I checked the price tags and I was shocked at how affordable they were. I thought to myself, “Why did I always assume they were expensive?”.

Even when they were not having sales, the price difference from the cheaper stores were quite minimal. Then I found out that some stores even had sales outlets….what a relief!

This is not to discredit Primark or stores that are quite affordable. I actually went back to Primark and I realized they had and still have some things that are quite good and are quality.

Conclusion and Stay hydrated

I also came across an online store that was even cheaper and they had really quality clothes as well. I think for me I learnt some valuable lessons I will like to share:

  1. Never Assume! I should have walked into all the stores from the get-go and made my analysis myself,
  2. Always pick quality over quantity. I have some clothes I bought years ago that I still wear.
  3. That it is cheap, does not mean the quality is poor! And vice-versa
  4. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing to shop. You need maximum comfort on a day like this.
  5. Do not just buy clothing by checking the sizes, company sizes vary. You can be a size 10 in New Look and a size 12 in Marks and Spencer.
  6. Before buying your bras, go for bust fitting to buy the right size! It is poor health for your breast if you buy under-size or oversize.
  7. Stay hydrated!!! You do not want to pass-out from shopping.

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