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Adefolake: Less is More!

When Less is more,  often times I am torn between wearing a number of things to enhance a particular outfit I believe is not my absolute best or wearing everything together.

But then I remind myself, “Less is More”. It is very common especially for we females that we tend to combine so many designs on an outfit because we believe it should get heads turning at an occasion.

Most times, what it ends up doing is making people choke on their drinks and wonder what sort of combination that is…lol.

I have seen on a single dress, fringe, a long slit, strapless, cleavage cutout and a giant flower on the side of the dress. At some point it goes from being classy to trashy.

Less is always more. It shows some level of sophistication and decorousness . It makes you look like a million box even when your entire outfit is under $100.

And if your outfit is actually a million dollars, fewer patterns and accessories maintains the status of the outfit.

It was a few days to my M.Sc graduation. My parents and other relatives were set to arrive the next day and I did not have a graduation dress.

My hair and nails were done yet no outfit. I knew I always wanted to wear something simple but classy.

As my friend and I walked through the affordable stores in Arndale Shopping Centre in the City centre, Piccadilly, we came across a store I usually walked past and she said “Let’s check this store, you might see something you like” and I shrugged.

Everyone knows that store is quite expensive especially if you want a flawless dress. But she insisted and I gave in.

Reluctantly, I checked the price tag of the first dress and gave her the look implying it was what I envisaged.

Looked at the second and third dress, then a particular dress caught my attention. “Wow” “That is what I want” I immediately hurried away to check the price tag forgetting I had a budget but to my greatest surprise it was within my budget.

Apparently they were having major sales, 50% off, what a day it was for me. I even had extra cash to splash on a really nice shoe and bag.

My graduation outfit was classy and affordable. Everyone loved the simplicity of the dress but yet very elegant. It dawned on me that day that Less is More!

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