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Blessing Osojie: I love cooking!

Hellurr…… My name is Blessing Osojie, I am very passionate about food and cooking and I absolutely love it.

The definition of food according to google is any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink, or that plants absorb, in order to maintain life and growth.

Food is very important because every creature in nature needs it to grow and live. So, you can see it’s a very essential need for life.

I feel it’s also important because I love it!! and cannot do without it lol… Like humans and animals, we all have a purpose to fulfill and without accomplishing that purpose, we would not be entirely fulfilled.

Same as every ingredient used in food preparation; every grain of rice, pinch of salt, clove of garlic, ¼ of turmeric, drop of oil etc. are all important factors, they all make up sumptuous and delicious food we eat.


Cooking is very personal to me especially when the meal is for people and I have grown to love every bit of it. When I cook, I get a sense of satisfaction and happiness knowing that someone is going to relax, take off their waist trainer, pack their hair up and eat the meal — I have a wild imagination lol….

With time, I have come to learn that cooking takes a lot of patience even if it’s with the easiest prepared meal. I remember trying to make puff-puff (fried dough) for myself all because I was craving it so badly.

After all the ingredients had been mixed up, it was time for the waiting process to allow the dough rise — By the way did I tell you that the waiting process was about forty-five minutes to 1 hour…. sigh…


Let’s just say I wasn’t patient enough and the whole snack was ruined L.

Cooking is really teaching me a lot of patience and I am glad to go on that journey. Cooking gives me a chance to go on several experiences with food and also experiment with them.

There is so much to say about cooking…. I just know it speaks to me and brings me great Joy even if it’s me alone at home cooking some spicy noodles and sipping on a glass of wine…. ✌?J

Blessing Osojie (Ehis Kitchen)

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