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Adefolake: Baby Steps! Keep moving!

It is Friday, the weather is hot in Abuja and I am finding it difficult to do any office work. I figured there is always something to do rather than be idle so i decided to surf my sisters’ websites and 

I am sure they will be surprised I actually visit their websites as this is not my first time. Not because I am checking “my competition” like some people would think, I can’t even compete with these two;

they are a league of their own and killing it in their different sectors but I visit to read. I love to read, learn and acquire knowledge…

As I left my sisters’ websites, a blogspots URL kept popping up on my address bar and I decided to click it. Lo and Behold, it was my first blogspot 

I succeeded in writing an introduction and one article before I abandoned it and launched my website. The emotions I felt were raw, I felt joy and happiness but most importantly peace of mind that I am no longer where I was and I am still moving forward.

Baby Steps

It is important as individuals we understand this personal race called LIFE. We all run at different speed and start our race at different times but we keep moving.

Whether you crawl or walk or run or fly, just keep moving. Baby steps are important especially in the world of today where people want to fly before they crawl.

Cambridge dictionary defines baby steps “an act that makes a very small amount of progress towards achieving something“. Seeing that blogspot reminded me of the baby steps I took towards my writing goal over four years ago.

Now, those baby steps are looking more like big steps in both my career and writing. After starting the blogspot, I met someone that encouraged me to write for popular blogs and I selected Bellanaija and reached out. Last year, I took another step and started my website.

I keep taking these “baby steps” because as a believer that is the life I have been called to live. The Bible teaches me not to give up or relent but to believe and keep moving.

There is a scripture that says, “A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest, so shall poverty come upon you…“. I think that is one of the verses that I can never forget in the Bible because it reminds me of why hardwork is key, but not just hardwork.

One thing I love so much about babies is their zeal to walk. They have watched you and everyone around them walk everywhere while they crawled. But a day comes, they decide to stand and they probably fall the first few times.


Then they finally stand and they take the first step, then the second and likely fall again. You know what? They get up again and continue until their feet is firm and they continue taking baby steps until when they can confidently walk around.

I am not a motivational speaker…lol. But with this hot weather, I thought to encourage someone that keep taking those baby steps. You might not stand without holding onto something or someone the first few times but eventually you will stand, and walk until those baby steps begin to count.

Whatever it is you have always wanted to do, learn how to swim, write a book, learn an instrument, change a career, find love or seek God. It is important we take baby steps and eventually we will stand tall. Happy Weekend!



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